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Before you start any ad campaign...
answer these question about your or your client's product
the digital-marketer checklist before bringing any business to the Digital World
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business owners
digital marketers
marketing agencies
future entrepreneurs
be 1 step ahead.
structure knowledges about your product or business in general before bringing it online or setting up any online ads.
why do you need to waste your time on doing a research and making up your own list of questions if you could get it for the price of a coffee?
save your time
one day or another you're gonna be selling something. It'll be a product or a service.
in order to sell it, you'll need to do the online ads.
organize and structure you knowledges now
learn from other's mistakes
years of experience in digital marketing
think and act fast
anything with internet access will work
be one step ahead
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wow! thanks. Now I clearly understand how to present my business online, after answering the questions.
Sergio Miller
Founder of Lotos Landscape Inc.
Hello. I'm University Psychology Professor. The quarantine made me transform my classes to online format. This list of questions helped me. Thank you!
Monica Larkins
University Professor / Online Courses Author
Nicely done!
Marsha Lewin
Creative Copywriter
Right on! instead of doing the list of questions, I was able to close a deal
Samuel Willson
Digital Marketer/Freelancer
Andrew Melnyk
- 6 years experience in Digital Marketing

- Facebook-Instagram Advertising expert

- Companies and freelancers advisor

- Helping improve ads and sales performances

- Founder/Owner of Hillklant LLC and easybily
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a must have list of questions to answer before any online advertising
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