Messenger marketing
Marketing in messengers is an easy, convenient, and quick way to communicate with target users around the world. We implement chatbots that communicate with your potential consumers via messengers according to a scenario set by us. The target audience quickly learns about your brand's offers and buys from you.
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Why you need this
Messengers' users are more active than users on social networks.
Chatbots are quick in answering customer questions
Chatbots have a higher messages opening rate and clicks
Effective interaction with customers and improving relationships with them
Increasing of leads and sales
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messenger marketing and chatbots
We analyze your customer's portrait
We connect the chatbot to a messenger
We form a content strategy for a chatbot
We create a plan for your content and the client's journey
Setting up the automatic customer segmentation configurations
We sell by directing customers to the fitting sales funnel in the messenger
We will conduct an audit of your business' digital aspects, identify weak spots, and show you how to fix them.
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