let's grow your business online
bringing businesses to online world
increasing customer flow
go online
why? here is the reality - we live in times when you either make your business the online one
or file bankruptcy, complain, and weep.
step 1
logo creation
1 - we give you 5 options of logo
2 - you choose
3 - we send you all of the image formats you need: png, ai, jpg etc.
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step 2
website development
you need a website.
easy as abc:
1. You provide us with:
- logo (or name)
- business description
- photos of your goods (services) and prices
2. $570 for website creation by us
(some minor expenses for domain name, logo creation etc may occur)

Now your business is online.
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step 3
online promotion
the next step of bringing your business online is advertising.

1. we create/connect your website to a facebook page (w/facebook pixel)
2. discuss the ad campaigns with you
3. Set everything up and wait for online purchases.
4. analyze results
5. repeat

price break down:
$299 - easybily fee for setting everything up
+ ads budget ( we do recommend to have it not less than $300/month)
av. $599/month
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